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NUTRI-SCORE On the packaging, the list of ingredients and the nutritional declaration provide detailed information about the products. However, these indications are not easy to understand, and many consumers do not even read them. To enable them to make a conscious choice, a simplified labeling on the front of the packaging should be adopted, which will not replace the old product information or the nutritional recommendations of the food pyramid, but will supplement them. There are already various system
ECO-SCORE The Beelong indicator grades the environmental impact of food on a scale from A to E. It is designed to provide caterers and buyers with environmental information on food products, and give them an additional criterion for making their purchases in full knowledge of the facts.
Certified Sugar FREE The authority certifies and allows use of its logo on products with no more than 5g of free sugars in 100g in a food or 2.5g of free sugars in 100ml in a beverage, that can also carry a sugar claim.
The low free sugar standard is derived from the World Health Organization guidelines for daily intake of free sugars
Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved The Vegetarian Society Approved trademarks are symbols you will see on thousands of products in shops all over the UK. The vegan trademark has been going since 2017.
The Vegetarian Society Approved trademark process involves our experts checking all ingredients and production methods. By independently checking all the ingredients, it means you don’t have to when you’re shopping. When you see our vegan trademarks on a product, you know you can trust it is vegan.
EU Organic The European Union organic logo gives a coherent visual identity to organic products produced in the EU. This makes it easier for consumers to identify organic products and helps farmers to market them across the entire EU.
Vegan Trademark Trusted vegan labelling by the Vegan Trademark.
The Vegan Trademark has been helping people identify that a product is free from animal ingredients since 1990. Registration with the trademark gives brands the confidence to shout about their vegan credentials. Look out for the Vegan Trademark on over 63,000 products worldwide, including cosmetics, clothing, food, drink, household items, and many more!
Migros M-Check M-Check: 100% clear. Sustainable purchases made easy.
With the M-Check, we want to simplify your purchases of sustainable products. We scrutinize our own brands and have them evaluated by external experts with regard to animal welfare and climate compatibility, with a star rating system ranging from 1 to 5. With the M-Check, a A glance at the packaging is enough to identify the durability of a product.
B Impact score B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. In order to achieve certification, a company must: 
Demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 80 or above and passing our risk review. Multinational corporations must also meet baseline requirement stan
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Bio Suisse Bio Suisse is the Federation of Swiss organic agricultural companies that have the Bud, the protected trademark it owns. Its holders are the 7,500 farmers and the Bud horticulturists who belong to the 33 member organizations of Bio Suisse.
Migros Bio As early as the 1960s, Migros launched into organic. Our own Migros Bio brand has been around since 1995, and it's been a success.

Indeed, today Migros Bio has more than 3000 products - from baby food to mayonnaise. Migros Bio guarantees foodstuffs from organic farming and is committed to preserving the environment and protecting animals
Bio-Siegel (ökologischem Landbau) The organic seal is a voluntary, state label with a success story introduced in 2001 by the BMEL - Germany (Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft). Representatives of production, processing, trade and consumer associations were intensively involved in its development at the time. 
The easy-to-understand seal helps consumers to recognize organic products at a glance. It has made an important contribution to the development of the organic market.
Fairtrade Standards The Fairtrade Standards establish the criteria for farmers, workers, traders and other stakeholders to participate in this unique approach to trade.
V-Label Vegan The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan products and services.
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