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M-Budget drink almond Almond-based organic, vegan drink
M-Budget 1 Liter (ltr)

Almond-based organic, vegan drink

Lactose-freeOrganicPlant-basedVegan...See More... less
Corn Drink Nature Our Corn Drink Nature is the first vegan milk alternative made from corn in Switzerland. To produce the corn drink, we use the corn fumes, which are a by-product of the corn mill.
SPROUD UNSWEETENED Closest taste to semi-skim milk. Zero sugar, high protein and low in carbs. Perfect for Keto and low calorie diets.
Organic Swiss Soya-Drink Original 0.5L ✓ Plant drink made from organic soybeans from the southern side of the Alps
✓ contains almost twice as much soy as conventional soy drinks
✓ made in Switzerland
Organic Swiss Rice-Drink Choco 1L ✓ Plant drink made from organic whole rice
✓ with chocolate flavor
✓ made in Switzerland
Organic V-Love drink quinoa Organic quality, vegan, unsweetened
V-Love 1 Liter (ltr)

Organic quality, vegan, unsweetened

CO2Gluten-freeLactose-freeOrganicPlant-basedVegan...See More... less
Bio V-Love drink coco Organic production, With natural flavors
V-Love 1 Liter (ltr)

Organic production, With natural flavors

CertifiedFairtradeLactose-freeNaturalOrganicPlant-basedVegan...See More... less
Bio V-Love Avoine Barista drink Organic oat drink
V-Love 1 Liter (ltr)

Organic oat drink

CO2Lactose-freeOrganicPlant-basedVegan...See More... less
Ultimate Almond Pure Pleasure.
Ultimate Almond. It’s simple: We take organic Italian almonds, roast them and combine with spring water to create this subtle, creamy drink.
Turmeric Latte This organic dairy-free Turmeric Latte gets its amazing colour from turmeric, and it comes with a little zing thanks to the ginger, cinnamon and pinch of black pepper that we add. The pepper is important because it awakens all the good stuff that turmeric has to offer.
Barista Almond A Match Made For Coffee.
You called, we answered. Our Barista Almond has almonds for a nutty flavour, oats for a creamy texture and a drop of natural sunflower lecithin to marry them perfectly with coffee.
MILK ALTERNATIVE EXTRA CREAMY, 3,9% Tastes like cow's milk - with a subtle difference
This delicious, full-bodied combination of coconut, rice and roasted cashews tastes and foams like cow's milk. It consists only of carefully selected plant-based ingredients from sustainable cultivation. And because sometimes your coffee just deserves an extra shot of pampering, we've made it even creamier.
MILK ALTERNATIVE CLASSIC, 2,1% Tastes like cow's milk - with a subtle difference
Are you looking for a plant-based milk alternative that rounds off your coffee harmoniously and makes your muesli even tastier in the morning? Then this combination of creamy coconut, rice and roasted cashews is for you. Our milk alternative tastes and foams like cow's milk, but consists of nothing but the best plant-based ingredients.
MILK ALTERNATIVE ORIGINAL MILK ALTERNATIVE ORIGINAL - A creamy and fresh experience from the cooling shelf.
Tiger Nut Drink The Drink That Roared.
What is a tiger nut? Firstly, they’re not nuts, and have nothing to do with tigers. But they are stripy in a tiger-print kind of way, and they grow underground, which makes them the most glamorous tuber in our book.
HAFERDRINK CALCIUM This drink makes us really proud. Not only because it contains oats without nasty pesticides, clean water, rapeseed oil and a pinch of sea salt and a few extra vitamins and calcium.
Oat Drink Orange Mango Let's imagine you weren't entirely sold on the idea of ​​drinking oats. We have a tip: Try our orange mango oat drink. Since it contains fruit in addition to oats, it's more like a refreshing smoothie. Or like a thirst-quenching juice with fiber. The fruity taste and the fiber of the oats will convince you.
Oat Drink Barista Edition Are you a barista? Great. We are the company that invented the oat drink. Pretty great too. Now we have developed an oat drink that you can foam and that tastes great in coffee.
Oat Drink Organic Organic oats, clean water and a pinch of sea salt. In other words: all the good things that characterize Oatly. And thanks to the practical packaging, you can even store it at room temperature.
Soyana Bio Swiss Soya Drink Original + Calcium ✓ Plant drink made from organic soybeans
✓ with an extra portion of calcium
✓ made in Switzerland