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SPROUD BARISTA Rich, foamy and low in sugar. Perfect for lattes. Tasty in tea.
The Sproud pea drink is made from European yellow peas, a sustainable source of protein that requires less water than oats or almonds and is naturally gluten-free.
CHF 3.75
SPROUD UNSWEETENED Closest taste to semi-skim milk. Zero sugar, high protein and low in carbs. Perfect for Keto and low calorie diets.
Wander Ovo-Drink vegan 330ml The Ovo Vegan Drink is made from Swiss oats and without added sugars or sweeteners. The combination of oats and malt gives it a unique flavor for guaranteed pleasure at any time of the day. In addition, the Ovo Vegan provides you with vitamins and minerals.
Voie Gras (Foie Gras) The new Garden Gourmet Voie Gras is the perfect alternative to traditional foie gras.
Vegü Cheese Raclette Yay, there's a vegan raclette!
Only cheese can melt? Not with our Vegü Veglette! Try our delicious plant-based alternative that shines with and without raclette seasoning.

A taste experience that will be remembered.
Vegü Cheese Fondue Cauliflower Power.
For vegans or those who need a little variety. Our delicious vegetable alternative to cauliflower-based cheese fondue offers an unforgettable taste experience.

A creation for a different kind of fondue evening.
Sojasun Natural Soya Drink All the benefits of soy in an ideal drink for sweet and savory culinary preparations.
beleaf Oat Drink Oat & Hazelnut If you sometimes miss the "NUSS" in enjoyment, we have something for you here. The plant-based oat drink with an extra hazelnut-fine taste tastes great in coffee, muesli or simply chilled and pure. beleaf it.
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